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Big Discovery at a Local Gun Show

Big Discovery at a Local Gun Show

Posted by Bill Mooney on

You would think being in the firearms business going to a gun show on a weekend would feel like work. I'm fortunate to work in a business I am passionate about, so it usually doesn't feel like work. But yesterday it did feel like a little bit of work attending this event. 

Amazingly, my wife was happy to tag along and look at AR-15 rifles, pistols, and shotguns. I feel blessed to have a wife with an interest in firearms too. She's a keeper.

For me, I'm always looking at what vendors are trying to sell, what is hot, and discover the overall pulse of the consumer firearms market when I go to these events.

As we were walking into the gun show from the parking lot, I was looking at the people who were leaving. More specifically I was seeing what they were carrying out. Were they carrying pistols? How about AR-15 rifles? Shotguns? Ammunition for their AR-15?

Much to my surprise, I would say 1 or 2 in 10 people were carrying something they bought. Not very many people were buying. The vast majority of people were leaving empty-handed. I saw a few small bags filled with small items. It looked like mostly ammunition. A few people were walking out with paper targets.

This observation made me ask myself do people use gun shows as entertainment, to pick up deals, or just grab some unique ammunition they can't find at the local sporting goods?

As we strolled the aisles, we kept seeing the same things we see at every gun show. A custom cerakoted AR-15, the same 'ol S&W pistols, plenty of Glocks, and of course a few AR-15 upper receivers, and AR-10 complete uppers.

There was nothing special that I saw. Nothing different. Nothing that caught my eye. The displays were very typical, crowded, unorganized, and boring as h*ll. 

After asking a few of the vendors how the traffic was and what were people buying, the same story was told.... "a lot of tire-kickers, and not many buyers." One guy was selling guns and parts. His wife had made some survival para-cord mug holders (I know, a gimmicky item, but for $10, what the heck.) He told us he was selling more of those survival mug holders than guns, AR-15 parts, or ammunition. It was sad.

But I get why. The things he was selling were the same 'ol, same 'ol. There was nothing there to inspire me to buy. I would have bought something if it interested me.

We all know the market has returned to a more normal level of business. The challenge for gun and AR-15 sellers isn't the business environment, it's that we are doing business the same old way. In the past several years, we didn't have to work too hard to sell AR-15 parts and accessories. You came to us in droves because the supply was very limited and the demand was exceedingly high.

The industry is now feeling withdrawals, like a smoker trying to quit smoking cold-turkey.  Their perspective is there are a lot of tire-kickers. I see the problem is they don't know how to properly sell or market their products.

The gun show and the attendees isn't the problem. The vendors conducted business as usual. Same products as everyone else. Displayed the same way. Selling instead of offering something the consumer wants and needs. We've heard the message from consumers like you, business as usual doesn't work any more.

So, what is CBC Industries doing differently to connect more people with our great AR-15 parts and accessories?

Innovate, inspire, and instruct.

That's right. CBC is focused on more innovation with the AR-15 platform.

CBC Industries is providing you great AR-15 and tactical instructional content though media outlets like this blog post, our YouTube channel, and other social media outlets. We are adding professionals and Pro-Staff like former Navy SEAL Craig "Sawman" Sawyer to our team. You will see a lot of great tips and tricks from these true shooing professionals.

And we want to inspire you to enjoy your sport and building of AR-15's.  Our CBC Insider program keeps you inspired with these tips, tricks, articles, and videos. 

It's a great hobby to share with your family and friends. 

My big discovery from the gun show? 

Innovate, inspire, and instruct our CBC Industries friends like you or you will be will be bored to tears like I was at the recent gun show. No purchases for me this nice Saturday.

We don't want bored CBC fans ....

Please take some time to shop around our site and be inspired to build your next AR-15! We've got some great new products like our Tri-Tac rails, buttstocks, and Sawman line of rifles and AR-15 parts!

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