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Ginger or Mary Ann. Chevy or Ford. M-LOK or Keymod?

Ginger or Mary Ann. Chevy or Ford. M-LOK or Keymod?

Posted by Gun Doctor on

Ginger or Mary Ann.

Coke or Pepsi. 

Chevy or Ford.

Coffee or Tea.

Apple or Android.

Army vs Navy....

Or (God forbid me asking) North vs the South.

Some debates never end and some are just getting started.

Being an AR-15 manufacturer, we are planning new products for 2018 like cool uppers, AR-15 pistols, 9mm rifles, and complete AR-15 rifles. One question for this year is the handguard trend.

Do you prefer M-LOK, Keymod, or Quad rail? Any why?

Please leave a comment here or feel free to go to our Facebook post on the same subject.

Personally, I'll keep my opinions to most of these age-old debates, except for one. I'd have to go with Mary Ann (more down-to-earth). 

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  • Mary ann, oI own chevy’s, ford’s and a dodge so long as it’s American it’s ok. Coke definitely, iced tea too.I have lived in both the north and south, so I know it’s the south hands down no question. Have an apple haven’t tried android, but I might. I don’t like to have a bunch of garbage making my rifle clunky and cumbersome

    Kevin Fisher on
  • Being a former AR manufacturer I personally like the keymod but I saw more people leaning to the m-lok and
    Mary ann, PEPSI, Chevy, Coffee,Android,Navy,and the South

    Clint Allen on
  • I prefer a slim rail, whether it’s M-LOK or Keymod. I have no preference between the two. My only quad is on my original 1997 Eagle Arms M4C with 11 1/2 inch barrel.
    Mary Ann by faaaarrrrrrr!
    Coke or Pepsi… who F’n cares. I like both but drink each rarely.
    Chevy by faaaarrrrrrr! No competition there.
    Never had a cup of coffee in my life. Barf! Iced tea is ok during the summer when it’s hot. I prefer an ice cold West Coast IPA!
    Android only so far, but you never know what the future holds.
    82nd Airborne for life! Therefore, ARMY!
    North, South… I think there’s good to be had in both places. Kommiefornia where I live has the worst government ever though! F our F’d up government here!

    mike on
  • Life should be this simple:
    Ginger. She helped me get through puberty.
    Coke. The original.
    Ford. I grew up around them so I’m a Ford geek.
    Coffee. I love even just the smell of the stuff. Its my drug of choice.
    Apple. They work.
    South. The liberals screwed up the North, that’s why everybody’s moving down South.
    M-LOK. Stronger than KeyMod. Quad Rail is like grabbing a porcupine.

    Dom on
  • The best for the money out of the M-Lok, Key mod, or Quad it’s the one that’s in your hand… There is no right or wrong answer, if it throws lead down range then shoot it… The last thing on your mind while in a gun fight and bullets are flying is gonna be “I sure hope he has M-LOK furniture on that gun,” or"I wonder if my Keymod QD fittings make these Bullets hurt more." Or heaven forbid “I can’t believe he has a Quad rail on the gun he’s shooting at me with.” Me personally I will shoot anything I can get my hands on… Im more concerned with reliability, quality, and a fair price… Which is why I love me some CBC INDUSTRIES… Keep up the great work…

    xXHondoXx on

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