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Perfect Time to Get My Kids an AR-15

Perfect Time to Get My Kids an AR-15

Posted by Gun Doctor on

My wife and I are always searching for the best gifts for our kids. Now that they are grown and building their own families, it gets a little tougher.

Should we get them new kitchen utensils? Nah... Boring.

Maybe gift cards? Nope. Not this year. We wanted something more personal and can help us fill in with more gifts throughout the year for birthdays, Easter, anniversaries, etc.

How about a fruit-of-the-month club? Ehh.. we want something more fun.

Prolific Hunters

I do have to brag about my kids a little. Three of my kids have harvested bucks this year (two by compound bow, and one by a bolt action rifle.) Because they are becoming more experienced hunters and filling their fridges with meat, we did buy a couple of them some wild game cookbooks. Hang with me, this story is related to my gift giving.

Annual Gift Giving Brilliant Idea

Considering my kids are becoming more active in hunting and I work for an AR-15 company, the solution to our dilemma was right in front of our noses. I suggested to my wife buy our kids CBC Industries AR-15 rifles this year for Christmas. We could buy a complete rifle like our CBC Tactical CY6 6.5 Grendel, or our popular CBC Industries CBC3V1, but I wanted them to have some input on customizing their rifles.

The AR-15 platform is so customizable with so many choices in calibers, handguards, buttstocks, upper receivers and assemblies, and muzzle devices, it lends itself to a great way to stretch out the gift giving all year long.

So, we purchased each of them a starter component for Christmas. After Christmas, we will spend some quality time with each kid talking about what they will use the AR-15 for and plan out the buys the rest of the year.

My eldest son will likely want a hunting rifle for bigger game like deer and wild boar. I think my daughter will want an all around rifle for plinking, varmints, and personal security, and my other son wants to get into predator hunting and build up his survival skills.

So, our year will be set for gift giving and now we can spend some quality time planning out their new rifles. We can buy them parts from CBC Industries or actually buy them CBC Gift Cards so they can build there own rifle.

Give one of our sales associates a call on how to plan out a build, or get your friend or family member a serialized lower shipped to an FFL near them legally.

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