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Thank all of you who participated and those who left the awesome 2nd Amendment responses we received for this contest! We have chosen the top 6 finalists - NOW IT'S UP TO YOU TO DECIDE!

Simply leave a comment below with the number of the response you want to win!
1 "When our founding fathers formed this great nation, they knew that someone would want to take our liberties and freedoms. They knew that some foreign country would hate us for the liberties and freedoms that we hold. They also knew that a tyrannical government would fear its people with a voice. They created the Second Amendment to ensure that we have the means and the options to protect not only ourselves but our country as well from all threats, both foreign and domestic. Admiral Yamamoto once said, "You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass." Thus proving that the Second Amendment is a vital key to our freedom and protection."
2 "We need the 2nd amendment so I can keep getting my CBC uppers!"
3 "The Second Amendment of the Constitution isn’t important because it is meant to stop crime or stop government abuses. Our nation is founded on the principle of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness. Just like happiness is a pursuit, so is life and liberty. An armed populace is not going to stop all crime and is not going to stop a government as powerful as our current one. However, the Second Amendment guarantees Americans the right to resist a threat to their rights and liberties. The founders realized that if the First Amendment failed to preserve an individual’s Liberty that their had to be a last resort. The Second Amendment is that last resort to resist any threat to life or Liberty from a government or individual."
4 "I support the second amendment because I support every other amendment. The first amendment gives us our freedom, the fourth through the eighth amendment protects them, and the second amendment is the guarantee. Without the second amendment, all of the other amendments are privileges, not rights."
5 "I support the 2nd Amendment for a variety of reasons, beginning and ending with "self-preservation." I have the natural (God-given, if you wish) right to protect myself from would-be attackers, whether they be tweakers looking for cash to get their drugs, ordinary criminals intent on taking what is not theirs, or a tyrannical Government that wishes to restrict any and all of my rights. I also have the obligation to protect my family from these same marauders, and the duty to protect my neighbors as well. I believe that I have the right to use whatever tools are necessary, and since nature did not see fit to give me claws or fangs, mankind’s ingenuity has given me firearms. Besides, they’re just plain fun!"
6 "I support the 2nd Amendment because it’s my right too. My Great Grandfather, My Grandfather, My Dad, My Uncle, My Father-in-Law, all have fought for this country and for me to be able to exercise my second amendment right every day to protect me and family and for us to be able to enjoy going out and practicing every chance. The Second amendment is in my blood and I will continue to support and exercise it until I die."

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