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Tell Us Why You Support the 2nd Amendment!

Posted by Administrator IT on

We're interested in hearing your thoughts! Tell us why you support the 2nd Amendment - especially the part about the "right to bear arms" by leaving a comment below. All commentators prior to November 9th who also shared either our most recent facebook or twitter post will be automatically entered to win a free AR-15 upper assembly of their choice.

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  • I’m a disabled veteran and even though what me and my brother’s and sisters have went and continue to go through can be tough and their are those who paid the ultimate sacrifice not because of weapons but greed,CBC you guys produce and outstanding product and I would love to own a bunch,come on let me win the VA apparently thinks that vets.will quit when it gets tough me and others like me never quit that and fine weapons such as yours is why America remains free regardless of treasonous actions committed by prior Obama administration oops did I out em! Lol

    Steve Jenkins on
  • It’s very Interesting to me that the liberal left fights so hard to take guns out of Americans hands, all while expecting their personal gaurds to protect them from the likely circumtance that very effective firepower will eliminate a threat. Thats what the 2nd Amendment provides us all, the opportunity to protect ourselves in the likely circumstance that effective firepower will eliminate a threat.

    Kenny Wiley on
  • It’s our right to defend ourselves and this great free country the United States to defend it as well as ourselves and everything she stands 4 is the United States freedom by example

    Kenneth Gilmore on
  • Its My God Given Right. No other reason needed.
    For some reason this post did not show up on my feed like they usually do so I am late to the party. Figured I would respond anyway.

    James Beliveau on

    samuel groves on

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