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Why I Am Considering the .223 Wylde Barrel for My Next AR-15 Build

Why I Am Considering the .223 Wylde Barrel for My Next AR-15 Build

Posted by Gun Doctor on

The 5.56x45 NATO round was first used in 1957 as a military cartridge and has become a staple round for military units around the globe. As this round became more popular, the civilian version, the .223 Remington, was introduced in late 1963.

In terms of case dimensions, the 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington are essentially the same. So how are they different and where does the .223 Wylde come in to the picture?

I'll give you the short and simple answer in this blog and leave the more technical version for another time. The two rounds differ mainly in gas pressures and barrel chamber dimensions. There is slightly more throat length (.077) in the 5.56 barrel and a different throat angle to accommodate the higher pressure. It's ok to fire a .223 round in the 5.56 barrel, but firing a 5.56 in a dedicated .223 only barrel could cause problems because of the higher pressures of the 5.56 round. 

To get better performance out of his .223 Remington ammunition, Bill Wylde, a gunsmith and NRA rifle competitor, designed a new barrel chamber in 1984, the 223 Wylde. 

There has been so much confusion about the .223 Wylde over the years. Some believe it's a type of bullet, a casing, or an entire cartridge. The .223 Wylde is simply a different chambering in the barrel to achieve better performance out of the .223 Remington round. It's that simple.

Now, I am considering a .223 Wylde for my next build because I typically shoot commercial .223 Remington ammunition for target shooting, predator hunting, and other basic rifle uses.

If you are looking for better performance out of the .223 round in your regular shooting activities, the .223 Wylde barrel could be a better choice for you in the long-run. Yes, you can use both .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO ammunition in the .223 Wylde barrel.

I know the coyotes I'll be going after this spring won't like my choice of the .223 Wylde barrel and .223 Remington ammunition.

To see what 223 Wylde options CBC Industries has...please click below.

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  • Why did you not explain the #1 question About 223 wylde barrels which is can 556 be shot through it? The answer is yes for anyone reading the article wanting that answer. Besides accuracy wylde barrels were specifically designed to shoot both 556 and 223 anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

    Kiel Katz on
  • Just received my CBC .223 Wylde 1:8 inch twist upper. Can I fire 5.56mm mil-spec ammo in it also?

    Jeff Juneau on
  • I have your CBC 24" spiral fluted bull barrel upper on one of my 80% builds. It is BY FAR the most accurate AR I own.
    Great product guys!!!

    Howard Neal on
  • Dean, you can shoot both the 223/556 out of your wylde, it is designed to be the best of both cartridges. I shoot both out of my CBC 223 wylde.
    Have some fun

    Bruce on
  • Thank you for the clarification. I really was given the impression that the .223 Wylde 1:8 was able to handle the 5.56 cartridge.

    Joe Veteran on

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