PHONE ORDERS: 843.818.4374


  1. What is the best way to communicate with CBC?
    If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you! Email the following departments:
    Shipping Questions -
    Warranty, Repairs & Returns -
    Sales Questions -
  2. What qualifies as a Blemished Item or Assembly?
    This is any Item or Assembly for sale that may have a rough appearance due primarily but not limited to milling, dents, scratches, uneven finish and missing or poorly applied stenciling. The term blemished applies to any defect to the appearance of the item or assembly sold and does not affect its function.
  3. What is your Satisfaction Guarantee?
    CBC Industries offers a 30 day money back guarantee for items sold at the full retail price if you are not satisfied with your order. This is valid from the date of shipping and if the items in the order are unused. The customer is responsible for shipping the order to CBC Industries and a 10% restocking fee applies.
  4. What is your Warranty Policy?
    All Items sold for the full retail price are covered under a lifetime repair warranty for manufacturing and assembly defects.
  5. What is your Limited Warranty?
    Purchases of "Sale Priced" or "Discounted" items are final and non-refundable. A lifetime repair warranty is offered on these items for manufacturing and assembly defects. For items sold as “blemished”. The Warranty is only valid for parts and assemblies that do not function.
  6. Note: CBC Industries cannot be held responsible for damage to our products by the customer or a third party during the installation / removal of accessories, assembly of kits or the application of coatings. Any modification or disassembly of our products done by the customer or a third party without first contacting the Technical Support Department of CBC Industries may void published warranty.
  7. If I purchase a part or upper from CBC and I am not satisfied, can I return it?
    YES, unless it is a sale which states, "all sales are final." We offer a lifetime warranty on all products if it is defective and we have a 30-day return policy if you are not satisfied but there are no defects. The customer is responsible for shipping back to CBC and a 10% restocking fee.
  8. Does CBC offer a military or police discount? 
    Yes, CBC Industries supports our armed services and local law enforcement and we are happy to offer a 10% discount with proof of service.
  9. What is CBC’s lead time?
    Due to the overwhelming demand for our products our current approximate lead times are as follows: Parts is a lead time of 5 business days to ship, Upper Assemblies are also 5 business days to ship and are built to order.
  10. What is your average shipping time? 
    Once the product is handled (lead time), shipping averages in between 1-3 business days.
  11. Who does CBC use as their shipping source?
  12. Do you require a signature when you ship the product(s)? 
    No, but if you would like a signature please check the signature checkbox on the cart screen. There will be an added cost for this service.
     * CBC Industries is not responsible for packages that are lost or stolen after shipping if the signature option is not selected.
  13. How do I check the status of my order?  
  14. Am I responsible for the legalities of my AR15 or AR-10 in respect to the state laws? 
    Yes, any customer of CBC needs to check their state laws in regards to their weapon. Any purchase of a weapon under 16” carries extra restrictions. Often, magazines and flash hiders carry restrictions as well.
  15. Does CBC offer a dealer program?
    Yes, we offer a dealer program to any business that has an up to date resale certificate. Please call the sales department and ask to set up a dealer account.
  16. Do your upper assemblies come with a bolt carrier group and charging handle? 
    No, AR-15 upper assemblies do not come with a BCG & CHH. However, our Ar-10 uppers do, we can offer an AR-10 upper without a BCG & CHH by calling the office.
  17. How does your return program work? 
    Items returned for refund, repair and or modification will be at the customers expense.
  18. What are the rules and regulations for 80% Lower Receivers?
    Please see this FAQ Link for more information on 80% Lowers
  19. What are your policies with discounts?
    Discounts (e.g. coupon codes) may only be applied to regular priced items. Discounts are not eligible on sale items or blemished/overstock items.